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Instrument:  GuitarBassGH Drums

Difficulty:  EasyMediumHardExpert

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Rating: 4.50

Chart Provided By: klamaak


Action User Comment Rating Timestamp (GMT)
TheNewWhites Great path, if you correct the 2nd activation 5 Jan. 28, 2010 7:30PM
Cubsrule21aza move 2nd act to the end of the 2nd R sustian in 76 and go to the 4th O in 83 4 Oct. 26, 2009 8:29PM
Report Cubsrule21aza Reply to Cubsrule21aza: i feel like your activation lengths are all a beat or two off... not sure though as those sustains a Oct. 26, 8:30PM
Report Cubsrule21aza Reply to Cubsrule21aza: ...are a pain to count Oct. 26, 8:30PM
Report arvain Reply to Cubsrule21aza: hehe, that's why i said "adjust 2nd act. careful with whammy =P" Oct. 26, 9:44PM

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