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Instrument:  GuitarBassGH Drums

Difficulty:  EasyMediumHardExpert

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Rating: 5.00

Chart Provided By: codemann8


Action User Comment Rating Timestamp (GMT)
TheBlackRiver looks good, first act. back 1 note for more points on the squeeze 5 Jan. 9, 2011 7:12PM
Report Lo11o2 Reply to TheBlackRiver: mh, i don't think you can get more points... Jan. 10, 8:44AM
Report TheBlackRiver Reply to TheBlackRiver: yes move it to the yb chord and you get 50 more for the squeeze Jan. 10, 3:25PM
Report SlasherManEXE Reply to TheBlackRiver: that's 200 more if you move it up a note, and squeeze the YO. or is there something i'm not seeing.. Mar. 6, 3:44AM

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