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PathHero - Banned?

Reasons You May Have Been Banned:

1) Your username cannot be found on ScoreHero. It is important to have an account with the largest Guitar Hero community in order to retain an identity. I also have planned future changes that reference to your ScoreHero account...if you sign up with a non-ScoreHero account, you account would be deleted either way eventually once these changes go into play.

2) When you registered, you didn't enter a valid email address. This is causing problems in my database. You will need to notify me with your proper email. Some errors caused this to happen.

3) You created more than one account on PathHero. It is only fair for each person to be able to create one account. I don't have that much space on my database.

4) Your IP address is red-flagged

How to get unbanned:

- Email me at

*Just remember to include your PathHero username, and a brief description of your problem.

**NOTE: PathHero is NOT owned or operated by ScoreHero

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