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New to Pathing?

Here's a GH guide/RB Guide to come up with your own paths...keep in mind that RB and GHWT are different since you can run over SP phrases and still get SP...

History of Pathmaking

For the earlier Guitar Hero games, there was (and still is) a nice conveniently-located forum for discussion of paths. After Guitar Hero III, ScoreHero no longer supplied forums for this. Instead, ordinary users created master starpower pages to allow discussion of their submitted paths. The users of those forums posted their paths either by providing a link to an image from places like ImageShack or posted the path in text format. The people who uploaded pictures had to download the chart, open it, edit it with an editing program, then they uploaded. Doing all that work was not easy. This worked for awhile, but then some of the songs had three or more paths per song, making it difficult for users to know which one was best. Then the community noticed that the original posters of these master starpower forums were updating their forum less often and less often. This caused much hard work of pathmakers to go unnoticed.

I've come up with a solution to lighten the workload on the user's end. With this website, you can create starpower paths using my online path creating program. You can submit it and it will be stored here. If you aren't interested in making paths yourself, you are also welcome to view the paths that your peers created. In addition, users are encouraged to rate paths as they use them. Doing so will narrow in on the best path out there. This way, you know the path you are looking at, is the best one that the community has decided on.

This is the future of pathmaking. No more intense image editing. No more uploading paths to 3rd-party sites. No more waiting on the OP owner to update the forum. No more trying out four different paths to see which one is best. No more text-based paths. No more... Everything is automated and calculated on the fly, so you know you're getting the latest paths. All in one centralized location.

Recent Paths

Player Song Game Inst Diff Timestamp (GMT)
MADnelly Free Bird GH:SH Guitar Medium Dec. 20, 11:14AM
MADnelly Free Bird GH:SH Bass Medium Dec. 20, 10:43AM
MADnelly Monkey Wrench GH:SH Bass Easy Dec. 18, 7:57PM
MADnelly Through the Fire and Flames GH:SH Bass Easy Dec. 18, 7:23PM
MADnelly Laid to Rest GH:SH Bass Easy Dec. 18, 7:03PM
MADnelly Cowboys From Hell (Live) GH:SH Bass Easy Dec. 18, 6:50PM
MADnelly Beast and the Harlot GH:SH Bass Easy Dec. 18, 6:46PM
MADnelly Beast and the Harlot GH:SH Bass Easy Dec. 18, 6:41PM
MADnelly Back In The Saddle GH:SH Bass Easy Dec. 17, 10:15PM
MADnelly Thunder Kiss '65 GH:SH Bass Easy Dec. 17, 8:13PM

Top Contributors

Paths Ratings Points Ranking
MADnelly 2705 MADnelly 900 MADnelly 3605 elScarecrow
PhatTrumpet 321 kyl3ruth 500 kyl3ruth 540 g0Bbe
Cubsrule21aza 280 SlasherManEXE 238 Cubsrule21aza 462 newuser1234
DrSham 276 Cubsrule21aza 182 PhatTrumpet 446 PhatTrumpet
Sully 199 No7Zachary 177 DrSham 354 Lo11o2
MarcK 185 UndeadFil13QC 158 UndeadFil13QC 320 esneky
UndeadFil13QC 162 esneky 157 Wahammy 257 BDOWN
Cjsteamfoo 157 TheNewWhites 134 SlasherManEXE 256 WarlordTm
patzi3 150 Wahammy 130 ortiz1193 249 TheBlackRiver
pman5595 138 PhatTrumpet 125 esneky 247 heffe74


If you have any comments/suggestions/bugs to report, please post them in this forum.
Another option is to PM me @ ScoreHero.

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